Sunday, November 30, 2008

Midley master the 'down stay'!!

Izzy is an old hand at obedience, and Jason, Dudley, Mabel and I have been taking a class for the last few months, so I decided it was time to work on the triple down stay. They are all so well-behaved now!

Mr. Dude, the Cubs fan!

Mr. Dude, the former Alabama dog, has become a firm Cubs fan since his big move to Chi-town! He is also a whopping 51 lbs now and almost 1 whole year old.

"Hey, how do my ears look from this angle?"
"Yep, Cubs fan, that's me! What do you mean they're crap?!"

"Alright lady that's enough, no more photos today."
He's so lanky now!

Izzy, the fetch maniac.

Life with Izzy is...well, it's predictable! She is completely, utterly, unwaveringly, all-consumingly obsessed with fetch. Damn lab/pit mix makes for some serious drive and stamina. This series of photos perfectly depicts how she spends most of her time. We are hoping she will, at least somewhat, grow out of it...eventually...

"Well, hey, fancy meeting you here! Any interest in a game of fetch?"

"Listen, play with me or I may be forced to hurt you human."

"What about over here. Anyone over here interested in a quick game?"

"Or you over there, you'd do. Wanna play?"

"Oh come on people!! I'll bring the ball. You just open the back door. You know you want to."

Poor Izzy ;) Life is hard!

Mabel's love affair with Jason continues...

So, I think I probably mentioned before that one of the deciding factors in Mabel becoming a permanent member of our family was her adoration of Jason. Things have not changed in the months since she's been here!

She weighs 50-ish lbs now but it still doesn't stop her from being a lap dog. She and Jason enjoyed a lovely, lazy Sunday morning cuddle this morning. Doesn't he look comfortable!!

"Oof, life is hard. I'm so sleepy."
"Hmm, let me just get comfy here."

"Love you, love you, love you, love you, love you!"
(Notice Mabey's cool 'I heart Obama' collar!)

Transport 11/30: More puppy cuteness!

I finally get a dog mobile so I can do multiple big dog transports, and I end up with another bunch of puppies. Not that I am complaining of course. 5 ten week old dobie/gsd mixes on their way from NC to rescue in IL. I love getting my puppy fix!

Have a great life babies :))

They were curious at first...
Then they played a little... (this little girl was a spitfire!)

Then they started to relax and get sleepy...

It took them a while to get proper comfy...

And finally they nodded off. So precious.