Saturday, June 13, 2009

Adoptions June '09, the first half...

So far this month these pups have happily found their forever homes:


Mr. Lou


More to come...

Dudley's 1st year in Chicago!

It's hard to believe but this weekend is exactly a year since Dudley made his big move to Chicago!

Lots has changed with the Mr. Dude in the last year. He went through a wicked second fear stage that made him pretty scared of lots of things for a while, but happily I can now report that he seems to be almost entirely over it and strangers are no longer the scary creatures that they were 6 months ago! Fingers crossed it will continue.
He has also learned to play fetch. Like full on chasing, retrieving and delivering back at my feet without even a required 'drop it'. He does this with serious gusto!
He came through shoulder surgery like a champ and even survived the 10 weeks of crate rest without too much complaining.
He got an unexpected second canine sister just a few short months after he arrived. He like to play with her, the other sister is for cuddling.
He goes to daycare every week and he loves to play with other dogs.
In the evening we snuggle on the couch. Sometimes Jason jokes that Dude would crawl inside me if he could to get closer. I adore him.

On the other had it seems like not a lot has changed at all!
He's a little bigger and the couch has lost a lot of its luster from weekly washings, but the essentials are the same:

Izzy and Dudley on 6/13/09

Izzy and Dudley on 6/13/08

Transport overnighters!

In May I overnighted 5 dogs that were on a transport from somewhere down south, I forget where, to rescue in MN. My grand plan was to keep them all in the (fully finished) basement and not even try to introduce them to Midley. It worked great for 4 of the dogs, but as soon as I picked up the 5th pup I knew that sleeping in a crate in the basement wasn't quite going to work for her because she was a tiny, tiny chihuahua puppy who was shaking from the cold!

I brought her upstairs and measured her on my vegetable scale - 1.2lbs. Holy shit!! I was sure that Midley would think she was a sqirrel and try to eat her, but they didn't. They were very gentle with her and Mabel, of course, loved her! She spent most of the evening inside my sweater, sleeping on my boobs!

Love the big Dumbo ears!

Mabel and Izzy checking her out. I wonder what she was thinking!

My other overnight charges were:

An adorable, sweetheart terrier mix puppy!

2 funny, playful rat terriers!

An antisocial senior maltese who screamed until 3 am. Poor girl.

I hope that they have all found great homes!

My foster pups!

Much to Mabel's delight we also fostered 2 of the mastiff/rottweiler puppies for a little while in April. While they were cute, they were also peeing, crying, nipping, puppy-machines. We all enjoyed out time with them, but we are happy that they didn't stay forever!

Angry eyes (on the left and aptly named) was the feisty one and her little brother who I called Pooper was the sweet, lovable one. They now go by Mavis and Achilles respectively!

Apparently this was comfortable, he stayed in this position for about an hour!

Sleeping was how we liked them best!

Well, except Mabel. Mabel LOVED them. They were not quite so sure about her at the start though!

Angry Eyes soon found some energy and made Mabey a great playmate!

A special shout-out to 2 adorable pibbles!!

May brought great applications on 2 of out pittie boys! We are happy to report that Rocky Point and Lagos are now in homes where they will be much loved and given the opportunity to serve as great breed ambassadors.

Rocky Point, the 85lb pit/mastiff mix. A gentle giant, who's favourite thing in the world is a stuffed toy which he loves to throw up in the air and catch.

Lagos, the stunning blue pitbull who ended up at Chicago AC at only 3 months old, an owner give up. Seriously one of the best looking dogs I have ever seen!

Adoptions May '09

May was a busy month with people coming out of their winter hibernation and deciding it was time to adopt a dog! We're not complaining. Here are some of the lucky pups who were adopted last month:






Adoptions April '09

April was all about PUPPIES!! They were cute as hell, but getting them all adopted out to good homes was quite the challenge. We had so many applications, it took forever to sort through them! We got there in the end though and I am happy to report that they are all doing fabulously with their new families and that they were recently speutered. They are mastiff/rottweiler mixes.

Here they are with Mia, their poor, brave Mom. She had 10 puppies in total. She is now spayed and living a peaceful, puppy-free life with a great family!!

4 of her "kids" at 6 weeks old:

Adoptions March '09

March adoptions:






Adoptions January-February '09

I have been meaning to update this blog for months, but something always seems to get in the way. In January I started working with a new rescue as adoption coordinator. I am loving it and we have had lots of adoptions so far this year. Here are some of the dogs that found their forever homes in the first few months of the year:

Brothers Foster and...

Sydney and...

their single Dad, Chopper.