Saturday, June 13, 2009

My foster pups!

Much to Mabel's delight we also fostered 2 of the mastiff/rottweiler puppies for a little while in April. While they were cute, they were also peeing, crying, nipping, puppy-machines. We all enjoyed out time with them, but we are happy that they didn't stay forever!

Angry eyes (on the left and aptly named) was the feisty one and her little brother who I called Pooper was the sweet, lovable one. They now go by Mavis and Achilles respectively!

Apparently this was comfortable, he stayed in this position for about an hour!

Sleeping was how we liked them best!

Well, except Mabel. Mabel LOVED them. They were not quite so sure about her at the start though!

Angry Eyes soon found some energy and made Mabey a great playmate!

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