Saturday, June 13, 2009

Transport overnighters!

In May I overnighted 5 dogs that were on a transport from somewhere down south, I forget where, to rescue in MN. My grand plan was to keep them all in the (fully finished) basement and not even try to introduce them to Midley. It worked great for 4 of the dogs, but as soon as I picked up the 5th pup I knew that sleeping in a crate in the basement wasn't quite going to work for her because she was a tiny, tiny chihuahua puppy who was shaking from the cold!

I brought her upstairs and measured her on my vegetable scale - 1.2lbs. Holy shit!! I was sure that Midley would think she was a sqirrel and try to eat her, but they didn't. They were very gentle with her and Mabel, of course, loved her! She spent most of the evening inside my sweater, sleeping on my boobs!

Love the big Dumbo ears!

Mabel and Izzy checking her out. I wonder what she was thinking!

My other overnight charges were:

An adorable, sweetheart terrier mix puppy!

2 funny, playful rat terriers!

An antisocial senior maltese who screamed until 3 am. Poor girl.

I hope that they have all found great homes!

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